Project H, LLC

Project H is a family remodeling business located in Indianapolis. My husband Matt and I have been remodeling houses for the past 20 years. We continue to live in houses and remodel them but this process usually takes 2 years. In addition to remodeling our own houses we have remodeled kitchens, opened walls, remodeled bathrooms, changed floor plans, installed floors and have done interior decorating.

Recently we have started to purchase homes to flip in a matter of months. We currently do most of the work and contract out things that we are not expertise's in like roofing.

Selling your house? If you are interested in selling your house please contact us.

Looking to remodel? If you are interested in a remodel please reach out to schedule a quote.

Phone: 317-413-3550

Fall Creek House

Top- After

Bottom- Before

The drop ceiling in the kitchen was covering up log beams and everything else was a 70's disaster.